A bridgehead for your Italian business

We work internationally on behalf of corporate clients, mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who are seeking to do business in Italy or who already operate there. For this clientele the primary focus of our work is business and taxation. Besides we also provide comprehensive legal advice.

In order to best meet our clients’ requests and requirements, we have joined a network operating in all four countries. Trewitax is specialised in cross-border trade between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and northern Italy, and has offices in Kreuzlingen, Singen, Zurich, St. Gallen and Dornbirn. This makes the expertise and knowledge of the country and local area of over 100 Trewitax Alliance personnel available to our clients. In addition, we maintain partnerships with other law firms in German-speaking countries to enable us to provide support and advice on specific issues. This network allows us to act as an interface and bridgehead between clients, our contacts abroad and our partner law firms in all the major cities in northern Italy.

We are therefore now in a position to provide consistently accurate and updated information, establish contacts and develop and build business relations through our partners. We are knowledgeable about the specificities of the Italian tax system and governance structures and can explain these to our clients. Through smooth, frictionless internal and external teamwork, we are able to efficiently address much more than specific issues such as VAT registration or transfer prices. We also provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services covering the entire spectrum of economic, fiscal and legal requirements, such as the setting up of subsidiaries or company acquisitions.


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